Use Case: Phishing and Ransomware e-Mails

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A large number of cyber attacks against SMEs start with an e-mail. Be it with the aim of stealing personal information (such as passwords, credit cards or customer data) or to blackmail you with encryption software (ransomware). To detect such attacks, it takes knowledge, time, attention and mistrust. In many cases, however, employees lack precisely these qualities because they are fully focused on their daily business. In addition, people are curious and this is exactly what cyber criminals take advantage of.


CybrQ's email prevention solution helps your employees to recognize threats effortlessly and without effort, even in hectic times. Neither technical knowledge nor extensive training is required. Each e-mail is checked against a variety of security factors and the result is displayed to the user in real time. For example, we check whether the sender has a spoofing protection, whether it is a first contact, whether an attempt is made to hide the real sender address, etc. These are exactly the factors that your employees would otherwise have to check manually. We also check all links and point out possible risks to the user before clicking on them. Since our solution is not based on a blacklist, we are able to detect even the most recent, never before seen dangerous links. In the lifetime of a phishing link, especially these first hours are critical. However, this is the period of time during which conventional solutions do not provide protection. At present, we are concentrating on the e-mail applications Gmail and Outlook. For Gmail you use the web application. For Outlook you have the choice between the web application or the actual Outlook application. For the latter, a client extension is available. And if you are already using Office 365, the solution also works on your mobile.

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