Use Case: Surfing - but surely safe!

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The browser is the gateway to the Internet world and offers incredible possibilities. But it is also the gateway for many dangers. Surfing is an everyday activity and most of the time the users only see the advantages and, often out of ignorance, do not think much about the risks. Many websites can be manipulated relatively easily by criminals. This with the aim of downloading malware onto a computer, stealing credit card information or passwords. Take Retefe, for example, a bank Trojan widely used in Switzerland. By manipulating Internet traffic, the user is redirected to an identical but fake website when he or she calls up the banking website. This is practically invisible to users. The situation is similar with so-called credit card skimmers. You are shopping in an online shop and do not see anything suspicious. However, when you pay with your credit card, your information is simultaneously passed on to the cybercriminals. Usually not even the e-shop operator is aware of this.


CybrQ's browser extensions check web pages in real time and visually alert the user to dangers. Without effort, without training and without delay. We replace the principle of hope when surfing with a user-oriented solution. Every user has the opportunity to recognize the risks before they click. In addition to the analysis of the website (e.g. regarding installed malware such as a credit card skimmer), we check the correctness of the address for online banking sites in Switzerland.The central element is the checking of all links on a website. Our solution is independent of a blacklist. This means that our solution can detect the threat of completely new, never seen links with a high probability. This is extremely important, especially in the first few hours of a dangerous link, because you have no protection here with conventional solutions. The extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, Firefox Mobile and Edge.

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